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Our aim and objective is to leave an older person stronger and more able to cope than when we first came into contact with them. Our website (see below for link) is simple but designed to assist you in finding the information you are looking for. It covers all the areas that we work and provide assistance in. We are a people-based organisation, so if you don’t feel happy filling in information online, we will always be happy to hear from you at our office in Lenham. CROP (Citizens’ Rights for Older People) is a charity set up to give help and guidance not just with technology but with any problem that may require a second opinion or some intervention from an experienced volunteer to help out.

We are not a campaigning organisation, but a confidential advisory service. We use trained volunteers who visit older people in their own homes to express their individual needs, either for themselves or through a visiting advocate. Not all of us are able to be effective advocates on our own behalf even before we are old.

  • Helping to make a complaint (e.g. for poor service)
  • Helping fill in benefit forms
  • Being an advocate for you with a government agency
  • Being an advocate for you with a landlord

Location and Contact Details

Contact Details
01622 851200
9a High St, Lenham, Kent, ME17 2QD

Further Information

Advice Together partners: Please click here to make a referral