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Kent Family Mediation Service

Kent Family Mediation is the largest and most widely recognised family mediation service in Kent. We can offer mediation clients, of varying income levels, the option of legally aided mediation or affordable private mediation fees, at a number of accessible mediation centres in Kent. Clients eligible to claim legal aid will receive free family mediation, with the other party also benefiting from a free MIAM and a free first mediation meeting once eligibility is confirmed.

Kent Family Mediation Service is the Kent Provider of the Cafcass and Family Court Ordered and Non-Court Ordered SPIP (Separated Parents Information Service) workshops.

  • Mediating over children and finances
  • Solicitor Supported Mediation
  • Private Fees and Legal Aid

Location and Contact Details

Contact Details
01795 410457
1 London Road, Sittingbourne, Kent, ME10 1NQ

Further Information

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